Knitting - The Not So Old Fashioned Hobby

I learnt to knit when I was young. I'm pretty sure I remember being about four or five and my Nan teaching me. I'm also pretty sure that my Grandad could knit and he taught me a bit too, but it's a bit hazy and faded as a memory. My Mum encouraged me as I got older and every so often I would pick up a bit of wool and some needles and have a bash but if I'm honest, I was terrible at it. And then back in February Top Ender asked me to knit a scarf for her. I hadn't knitted for about eight years, and I'd never knitted with two different balls of wool, but I did it.

Top Ender and her Pink and Purple Scarf

And she loved it.

And then I knitted one for me. It had originally been for Dan Jon Jr, but he claimed he didn't like the wool. Which was sort of kinda lucky as it is seriously one of my most favourite winter items. The scarf is so long and soft and warm and perfect for hiding double chins!

PippaD and her Blue Scarf

Of course, I finally started one for Dan Jon Jr, but it got put to one side because it wasn't scarf weather and to be honest, with everything else going on, I mostly forgot about knitting until a few weeks ago, when I was asked as Primary President (that's my "job" at Church) to get the adults and children in Primary to knit some squares for a Charity project.

I got to work knitting squares in all different sorts of wool that I had stashed away (and that my Mum had passed over to me when she had cleared out her Craft stash) and had put into one spot when I KonMaried my home earlier this year. I got really into the knitting because it's something I can do whilst listening to music, or sitting outside in the sunshine or whilst watching tv, or I can just pull out my WIP (work in progress) at the cinema and knit a few rows during the trailers...

Knitting whilst listening to MusicKnitting in the GardenKnitting whilst watching The Gilmore Girls on Netflix

As I was knitting the squares however, I thought it was probably wise that I also finished off Dan Jon Jr's scarf, not just so that it was ready for him to wear this Autumn when it starts getting cooler, but because if I didn't I might never finish it.

So inbetween knitting squares for the blankets, I added a few rows to Dan Jon Jr's scarf. And then whilst watching Andy Murray win Gold at the Olympics, I finished it. I was so excited that I rushed to show it to Dan Jon Jr, but he was fast asleep and so I ended up modelling it myself. I made it as long as I am tall (so about 5ft 6inches) and it's just as wonderful as the last two

PippaD modelling Dan Jon Jr's new Scarf

And now I'm back to knitting squares. And a scarf for a School run friend Mum. And some Hand warmers for Top Ender. And I have an idea for a secret project Christmas present for Dan Jon Jr too... Oh no, I think I have a new addiction.