The Missing Bank Card

When Top Ender and I set off to walk my sisters dog, we decided to take the bare minimum with us. Basically I didn't want to carry a handbag. So instead of taking my wallet, I took out my bank card, about five pounds in change and my phone.

Top Ender and I loved our walk. We threw a ball at least a million times, we scooped up poop, we ran, we walked, we sat, we petted, we explored... it was a brilliant walk.

Poppy looking adorable

Afterwards we popped into Tesco and it was at this point that I realised I didn't have my bank card. Luckily between Top Ender and I we had enough cash to pay for our purchases and we went home, where I phoned my bank to cancel my bank card.

The next day we headed back to the same woods that we had taken Poppy to the day before.

Top Ender and I took it in turns to throw or kick the ball for Poppy, we were having a blast watching Poppy run about and she was enjoying herself if her tail was anything to go by!

Top Ender playing ball with Poppy

We walked a different route this time because we also took my Mum and the ground wasn't exactly stable underfoot, what with all the tree roots, branches and undergrowth. At the top of a hill we found a clearing big enough to throw the ball about for Poppy, but with the added benefit of it having a bench like feature that my Mum could rest on.

Top Ender and Poppy went for a bit of a walk around the woods with Poppy and suddenly shouted out that she and Poppy had found my missing bank card!

Top Ender with my missing Bank Card

One half of me wishes I hadn't cancelled it, but I know if I hadn't then someone would have found my card and had a bash at using the Tap and Pay.

So, has anything amazing like that happened to you?