Our Irish Adventure Part Two

This is Part Two of Our Irish Adventure, you can read yesterdays post aka Part One (with some real magic) on that link, and there'll be another tomorrow so come back then to read it!

Our plan was to fly into Dublin, spend some time there before driving to Cork, visiting around Cork and them moving on to Killagoley (as a base for our visit to County Wexford) before heading back the next day to Dublin for our flight home. The itinerary was busy, but not so bad that we couldn't have some flexibility and some down time during our little whirlwind vacation. It was a good plan and one that all of us had some hand in organising, requesting places we wanted to visit, picking out hotels and even using google maps to find the nearest petrol stations...

I think the most excited about our trip was Dan Jon Jr.

He had wanted to experience his first flight (apparently he's the last person in the world to go on a plane) for some time and was excited about the prospect of using foreign currency and of course going on holiday with three of his best friends and I'm not talking about the cuddly toys that he packed! I've already mentioned in another blog post about how amazing Dan Jon was on the trip and how he loved everything as he appreciated all the small moments as well as the big ones, but I think he deserves another shout out here for being so totally excellent.

BTW, it turns out that Dan Jon Jr is just like his Daddy and isn't a very good flyer. I had agreed that Dan Jon and Flyfour could sit together on the flight out (against my better judgement) and Top Ender and I sat behind them. Dan Jon's ears popped on take off and it took him by surprise... so much so that all I really remember was a lot of unsettled noises coming from the seats in front of me and Flyfour trying to distract him the best he could! I was also distracting Top Ender who also appears to be like her Daddy. Luckily my story telling skills are epic and the flight to Ireland from Birmingham is short!

Dublin was amazing. We visited Trinity College and took a guided tour so that we could also go and see The Book of Kells (an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament) and we totally recommend the tour as the students who lead it were brilliant, funny and very informative. We found the statue of Molly Malone (although unlike other tourists, we managed to resist rubbing her breasts!_, the sculpture of Jesus the Homeless at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin and we even found an art nouveau mural of James Joyce Ulysses.

We also saw Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin Castle, visited the Irish Museum of Modern Art, waved to Kilmainham Gaol, the National Library and the Guinness Storehouse and even walked over the Ha'penny Bridge and a few others that I can't remember the name of but were so beautiful and many contained intricate designs.

Oh and we also found my new house, the library at Trinity College.

Yup, someone had designed a room with floor to ceiling books. It smelt amazing and I was working out how I could have all my belongings shipped to me care of the University and if there was a Beast around that I had to marry in order to stay here. My family however reminded me that I had the rest of Ireland to explore and so I had to stop sniffing the air and walk away from my one true love!

The architecture we saw was amazing all over Ireland, even for laymen like us. Luckily most of the places we were jaw dropping at we were easily able to Google and find out more about, or our handy million leaflets that we picked up in each Hotel lobby contained enough information to satisfy our thirst for information.

Come back tomorrow to read more about our Irish Adventure, including some Graphic Content, why my Children are perfect little show offs and lots of kissing!