What We Are Eating This Week W/C 20th August 2016

The meal plan for this week has changed several times in the last few days because Dan Jon Jr and Flyfour are off Camping. They were supposed to have gone today (Saturday), but the Campsite let Flyfour know that there may be some rather strong winds and so he might want to consider changing his dates, so he did as he didn't fancy possible 50mph winds in a tent!

Backyard Camping

So here is our adapted Meal Plan.

Saturday - Steak

I needed Flyfour in a good mood as I needed him to do some DIY for me today. I figured if I told him that I was planning on making him Steak for dinner he'd be happy and would do my SIY without hesitation.

I was right because as soon as I told him on Friday night he made a plan as to when he'd do my bits!

Sunday - Roast

When it was just us, Tops and I were not going to bother with a Roast today. Instead we figured we'd eat breakfast, grab something when we got back from Church and then eventually wander into the kitchen to get some food in the late evening.

Meatless Monday - Pizza

Flyfour likes to make Pizza, I'm not sure why but I allow him because it's good to keep him happy!

Tuesday - Mac and Cheese

Tops is in charge of the menu for the next three days and so we're eating the food she loves the most. Tonight we're having home made Mac and Cheese, but I'm adding strips of Bacon or some Pancetta and some Spring Onion and possibly some tomatoes too.

Wednesday  - Sausage Pie

Top Ender loves Sausage Pie, to the point where she almost asked me to make a HUGE one just so she could have double the amount. However she was pleased with my suggestion to make individual ones and for me to make extra pastry roses for her pie.

I'll save some of the pastry to make some cinnamon breakfast pastries for tomorrow too.

Thursday - Tuna Pasta Salad

We're not sure what time Flyfour and Dan Jon Jr are due home tonight so Top Ender is making Tuna Pasta Salad and then if they want some when they get in they can have some and if not then we have lunch for tomorrow all prepared!

Friday - Chilli Nachos

We like to wait for Flyfour to get home so we can eat, we thought it would be good to have a big plate of gooey, cheesy nachos (It's not your cheese!) and have a meal together. So that's what we're doing.

So that's what we're eating this week, how about you?