What We Are Eating This Week W/C 13th August 2016

I've had some help with the meal plan this week, Dan Jon Jr is actually sitting beside me helping me plan. I think it is because he knows that his input would be useful as I've actually run out of tasty meal ideas... then again it could just be because he's got a technology ban on him which means that he's living vicariously through me and my computer usage!

As there is a computer ban in place, I'm being quick so as not to rub it into Dan Jon Jr that I haven't got a tech ban!!

Saturday - Sloppy Joes

That's right the ones we didn't have last night, because we had the Salmon we were supposed to have on Thursday.

Baked Sloppy Joes

Again we'll make a big one as everyone in our house loves the baked sloppy joes.

Sunday - Roast

Until it is a little closer to Christmas we will continue having a roast of some form on sunday. We all love our Gluten Free yorkshire puddings and various vegetables although I think we'll try to include a pudding as it gives us a better excuse to sit longer at the table and chat.

Meatless Monday - Beans on Toast

It's a simple classic for a reason right?

Tuesday - Picnic!

We love having picnics so hopefully the weather will be lush and we'll enjoy our outdoor time.

Wednesday - Make Your Own Sandwiches

Dan Jon Jr decided that it would be fun to all have our own bread, but then we could just pick from different fillings and create different combos, not have things we didn't feel like or in general didn't like and maybe like Top Ender come up with something that sounds terrible but is actually really nice, like the Hummus and Tuna combo she came up with whilst camping.

I think it sounds fun and a little like our Afternoon Tea meals we have every once in a while.

A Mother's Ramblings take on Afternoon Tea

Thursday - Fish and Chips

Is every family guilty of calling what ever meal they get from the local Chippy "Fish and Chips", even if nobody orders any fish?

Techincally I always order fish, so we can call it Fish and Chips, but I just wondered about the rest of the world!

Friday - Italian Rice with Chicken

I was looking for a tasty meal to have and came across this recipe from the Good Food team at the Beeb and it sounded lovely so I decided to have that this week.

So that's what we are eating this week. Hopefully it'll be a cheap week too as after spending a small fortune on School Shoes, School Uniform and new School Bags it's all I can afford!