Happy Birthday Flyfour!

Today is Flyfour's birthday, which means he's erm... one year older and wiser too!

I did think about writing a soppy, "Oh my gosh, I love my husband so much" type of post, but well I figured that you all knew how I felt about him because, well the man is an actual saint to put up with me and my crazy antics and on top of that I think I talk about how fabulous he is all the time.

Then I thought about just listing some of the brilliant things he does, that makes him so unique and special. Like how last night, whilst I had a shower,  he cooked me some steak because I was craving red meat and he put the bins out after Dan Jon forgot and he does the ironing almost every week.

I did think that I could post a few photographs of Flyfour in recent months, but there aren't many that he would let me show and do you really want to see Flyfour eating something, looking a bit funny or raising an eyebrow at me taking so many photos? Didn't think so.

So instead, I put off finishing writing this blog post until almost midnight on his birthday. It's not because I don't want to wish him a Happy Birthday, but because I just can't put into words how much I love him and how much good I want to happen to him.

So I'll just say;

Happy Birthday my handsome husband, I totally adore you.

My very lovely husband