The February 2020 Food Challenge

Jokingly a couple of weekends ago, whilst Flyfour and I were going to about our third Supermarket of the day (we were after some gluten-free items and nowhere seemed to have them in stock), I said that I was refusing to actually buy any food the following weekend and that everyone could just eat cereal for the week... and then I realised that would be our food challenge for February.

Cereal the A Mother's Ramblings February 2020 Food Challenge!

I remember adverts on the TV when I was growing up about the Special K Diet and figured that a month of eating cereal for our evening meal, along with a bowl of fruit salad or a couple of pieces of fruit or our favourite vegetables, wasn't going to kill us and could even help us all to lose a little bit of weight as well as being healthy for the bank balance!

So, for the next four weeks, there will be plenty of milk in the fridge and everyone can help themselves to a bowl of cereal when they are ready for their evening meal. The drawer is full of Corn Flakes, Frosties (well whatever the own-brand version is called!), Museli, Weetabix, Rice Krispies (see what I said about the Frosties), Shreddies (actually they are the named brand, they were cheap!), Readybrek and about a zillion other boxes and a few gluten-free varieties for Flyfour too.

Of course, we are still going to be eating some meals at the weekend and during half-term (although they might just be Sandwiches with the way I'm feeling) and I'm planning a couple of special meals for Shrove Tuesday and Valentines Day but for the most part, it's cereal all the way!