I Kissed A Girl...

When we were away camping at the start of the Summer, Flyfour arranged for us to go to the Eden Project. It was somewhere that I had always wanted to go and there will be a blog post about how fantastic it was, but I wanted to share one of my favourite things there.

This simple water fountain.

In order to drink from it, you have to place your lips over the girl's. Yes, I kissed a girl (and I liked it!) just because I wanted to say I had!

I've been thinking about it a lot over the last couple of weeks, (the doing something because I wanted to not the kissing part!) because I've realised that we need to do more of what makes us happy and more of what we want, not caring what others will think.

We need to try new experiences and forget the things that are holding us back.

I've taken my own advice and suggested to Flyfour a couple of things recently, that I have wanted to do, and rather serendipitously, Flyfour has been thinking about almost the same thing and so we've agreed to try a new hobby together and have a couple of creative ideas that hopefully will come to fruition. 

It's funny, you turn 40 and suddenly the whole world is full of possibility!