What We Are Eating W/C 18th January 2020

I know they say that time goes faster as you get older, but at the moment the year seems to be going at breakneck speed and I'd like it to slow down just a little, please! It's funny, everything seems to be working well at the moment, we've pretty much eaten what we said we would when we said we would (there was an accidental trip to McDonald's on Wednesday for Tops and I) so hopefully, that'll continue this week and we'll stop feeling like we're spinning out of control time-wise!

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Saturday - Home Made Nando's

I'm not sure when Flyfour decided that we'd have Nando's tonight, but I know it was him that decided it. As well as coleslaw and fries to go with it, I'm going to insist we have onion rings as I really fancy them!

Sunday - Fish and Chips

I'm sort of being mean and making Flyfour cook Fish and Chips because he is so good at it and also because I think we're slacking in the whole eating fish at least twice a week department.

Monday - Jacket Potatoes with "pizza" toppings

I'll throw some Jacket Potatoes into my slow cooker before I go to work on Monday morning, and by the time I get home they'll be ready to eat! We'll have pizza toppings of slices of tomato and cheese, along with a few veggies because the family will have had beans yesterday (I won't, peas for me!) and I can't face the smell of them two days in a row!

Tuesday - Pork Chops and Apple Sauce

I'm actually really excited to have this, because as we all know Pork Chops are the best food when combined with apple sauce and a little cheese. I'll serve it with some form of Potato and plenty of vegetables.

Wednesday - Fish Fingers, Peas and Mash

Flyfour and Dan Jon will eat together this evening (and probably swap the peas for beans) and Tops and I will try to not fall into McDonald's again!

Thursday - Breakfast Wraps

I was trying to think of something fun, tasty and easy and breakfast wraps was my idea. I'll just not give Flyfour the egg, but some extra bacon or similar!

Friday - Ikea Treat Night

I said to the children we'd have a bit of a laugh together this week and so we're going to go to Ikea to have a meal together and knowing us a bit of a wander to see what's new, what trouble we can cause and see what the various stuffed animals across the store are getting up to!