What We Are Eating W/C 25th January 2020

Having finally found what my challenge for the family for February is (I'll reveal it this Friday) I feel a lot of weight off my shoulders for planning meals for this week. Along with the fact that we have had our food shop delivered to us a couple of times over the last couple of months (we keep being offered money off a shop at Sainsbury's so have taken the offer!), I feel like meal planning and food shopping is a great way for me to serve my family.

Dan Jon, PippaD and Top Ender having fun!

Saturday - Sticky Chinese Chicken Traybake

I found the recipe on the BBC Good food website, thought it sounded lush and decided we'd have it! I have a feeling that some family members will be less than impressed, but I'm also sure those same family members will request this again in a couple of months because I think it is the kind of meal that will linger in the memory! Plus with it being Chinese New Year tonight, I think it apt!

Sunday - Casserole

We love a good casserole, served with creamy mash potato and some vegetables and thick slices of baguette slathered in butter. We know that we'll be drooling over this casserole for hours before it is ready too, as we'll slowly cook it in the oven and let the smell permeate the house!

Monday - Fish Pie

We haven't had Fish Pie for ages and so I'm putting my foot down and we're having it tonight. Anyone who complains will get double servings.

Tuesday - Soup and Toasties

Is there anything better than a crispy toastie with drippy melty cheese? No. No there isn't.

Wednesday - Ready Meal Ahoy!

I'm not sure where Flyfour will be today, so Dan Jon has a ready meal that he can cook himself, whilst Tops and I are at Brownies or if needs be he and Flyfour cook it together and another meal for Flyfour can be grabbed out of the freezer or he can make something himself (or even have some leftovers!). Tops and I will have sandwiches or similar on the go!

Thursday - Carb free Protein and Salad

I'm not sure what the protein will be right now, as it could be sausages, chicken, beef, lamb, pork or fish, but whatever it is, it'll be served with a salad and everyone who isn't Top Ender will be happy!

Friday - Fishcake and Chips

When we were in Aldi a couple of weekends ago, I saw some "naked" fishcakes. Basically, they weren't battered or breaded and therefore were suitable for those of us who eat gluten-free. So I thought I'd get some of those and we'd all be happy with some yummy food that's good for our brains and for the tastebuds!

So that is what we are planning on eating this week!