Main Meals W/C 11th January 2020

The great thing about our house at the moment isn't that it is still full of Christmas snacks and treats, but that everyone seems to be in harmony about what we should eat each day. This seriously makes my day easier, because if I ask for suggestions and I get told a few of the meals I was planning I know that it isn't just me who is going to be eating!

Casserole and Dumplings... something that now I've finished the meal plan I kinda fancy

Saturday - Cheating Ready Meals

So, we were supposed to have something else, but by the time Tops got back from the shopping centre, we weren't in the mood to be cooking and so she and I *accidentally* fell into the Co-Op and grabbed some ready meals.

Sunday - Chicken Stacks

I had asked a lad at School what he thought I should have as a meal on Sunday and he said he thought we should have Shepherds Pie, but Flyfour overruled me and said they'd had that on New Year's Eve and this was too soon (it so wasn't!) and so we decided we hadn't had Roasted Chicken Stacks for awhile... I'm just hoping we have all the ingredients we need as it's been so long I wasn't sure what all the ingredients were!

Monday - Macaroni Cheese

The children and I are the only ones home at a "decent time" tonight as Flyfour will be driving home from Bristol (and therefore eating something from a Motorway Service Station for his evening meal) and so we thought Mac and Cheese would be perfect because it's one of our favourite dishes, it's quick and easy to make and I could have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Tuesday - Eggy Bready Beans

Tops is going to be back late from School tonight, as she has a Sports Leader evening planned and I might stay at work an extra hour so I don't have to leave and come back, I mean I know it's only a five-minute journey, but I have stuff I can do as it seems there is always filling! So we wanted something quick and easy. The first choice was Beans on Toast, but then we had the genius idea of eggy bread with beans on top and I was sold.

Wednesday - Sandwiches/Sausages and Mash

Tonight Tops and I will wolf down a sandwich at some point between leaving work/school and going to Rainbows and Brownies (I'm going to help out at Rainbows!) and Dan Jon is in charge of cooking Sausages and Mash for himself. Luckily he knows how to use a grill (for the Sausages) and I've cheated and purchased some of those microwave mash potato pellet things for him to zap.

Hopefully, this means none of us will go hungry!

Thursday - Fish Pie

I was trying to think of something to make and then I had this Fish Pie is lush and we've not had it for ages type thought and since then I've not been able to think of anything else!

Friday - Flyfour's Birthday Meal

It's Flyfour's Birthday and so in our home, that means he gets to pick what we eat tonight, or where we go etc. I've been asking him for the last week or so, and he still doesn't know, so maybe we'll end up eating crisps and toast as that's all I'll have in the fridge by the end of the week!

So that's what we've got planned for the next week or so, what about you? Let me know what you are going to be eating.