Sunshine And Fun

I don't know about you, but this last weekend brought a lot of happiness into the lives of Flyfour, the children and I. I don't know if it was the sunshine, or that Flyfour was in a super good mood celebrating his birthday (and having had a day off work) and that rubbed off on the rest of us or if we just were all synced up and ready for some fun together.

We all stayed up late Friday night (me mainly by consuming a lot of sugar!) and slept until we were ready to wake up on Saturday morning (still unusually early, but that's what you get for practising the Miracle Morning as I do!).

Flyfour and I went off and did our usual Saturday chores, going to Costco, Aldi and Tesco and just having fun being together (the children were invited to join us, they just declined). We were silly, trying various samples in Costco, pretending to buy silly purchases (I really want the igloo skeleton) and me sharing the silliness on Facebook for my friends to join in with. By the way, feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like, just tell me who you are in a message as I'm sometimes a little stupid!

Of course, then we went home and had lunch and watched some Snooker and hung out some more, whilst doing chores around the home, reading, playing about with the home automation and we watched a couple of movies together. The hit of the films was Instant Family, which the whole family watched and everyone cried at and one we'd totally watch together again.

Even after all of that, Flyfour and I were still up for a giggle and went to another Supermarket and were still being silly together.

Hopefully, with the weather saying there is going to be more sunshine this week, we might find that the entire family is still in a good mood come next weekend. and if not? Well, then we'll just have to make our own sunshine, won't we?!