Dan Jon's Issue With Masks

Last week, I took Dan Jon to the hospital for his tri-monthly Diabetic Check-up. Everything is fine, it's just a normal check-in and check-up to make sure that Dan Jon is okay, that we are coping well, to make changes that we need to make to his basal and bolus rates and just making sure that his hbac is going in the right direction!

Dan Jon and PippaD

Dan Jon and I had a nice chat on the way. We masked up, headed into the hospital and then we had a good chat with the nurses we knew whilst we were going through the normal check-up items of hbac blood test, blood pressure, height, weight and downloading our data from our handset which we can't do at home because all our PC's are too "new" and so don't work with the downloading programme.

Anyway. Whilst we were sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the pediatric team to be ready for us I asked Dan Jon to do a quick blood test, as he was showing up as a little on the low side and I wanted to confirm that he was on his way up and wasn't going to go low whilst we were in our appointment.

Dan Jon started carrying out his blood test, and I carried on checking on my work email on my phone.

Suddenly there was a gasp from Dan Jon and a rather annoyed sounding grunt.

I looked at Dan Jon and could see this.

Dan Jon with blood over his mask

Dan Jon had forgotten that he was wearing a mask and had gone to suck the blood from his finger-prick blood test and instead had just smacked his bloody finger into his mask.

Apparently, this happens on a daily basis, which may explain why Dan Jon has three masks on him at all times!