What We Are Eating W/C 31st October 2020

I was hoping that this last week would give me a time to relax and recharge and I would be full of life and vigour by the time this weekend rolled round, and ready to be the most amazing whatever it is I am at work. I have had time off this week, I have relaxed and attempted to recharge, but I'm mostly feeling down about whatever injury it is I have done to my right leg and the fact that the nightly walks have turned into a torture session. It's not fair!

PippaD and Flyfour at the Trunk N Treat a few years ago

On top of that, with our Trunk N Treat cancelled, I'm feeling very sorry for myself as I'm missing my annual "It's okay to dress up, as everyone else is!" session. I'll have to go back to cleaning the house in my ballgown or Elsa from Frozen costume!

Saturday - Kebab

Flyfour was after one, I'm really not a fan, but will get a chicken one and drink a tonne of water, so I don't wake up feeling like I have a hangover tomorrow, which is how all that salt makes me feel.

The good news about having a Kebab today of course, is that as it is Halloween we can watch naff movies and hibernate because nobody ever wants to do anything after a Kebab!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Flyfour was after a Roast. We decided on a Chicken because we wanted to make sure that everyone would eat it (Dan Jon isn't that keen on the texture of Beef or Lamb) and Flyfour is going to do it with all the trimmings.

I'm also going to throw all the half-eaten manky vegetables in the bottom of the fridge into a roasting tray to add to my couscous lunches this week, I figure if the oven is on I might as well take advantage of it all.

Monday - Ponyo Noodles

Flyfour isn't here tonight, so I know the children will be very pleased with Ponyo noodles, as it is perhaps their most favourite dish of all time. If they are up for it, I'll even put the film on, but my guess is that they will be off playing a game together and I'll end up watching a Christmas film or a film that I've seen about a billion times before!

Tuesday - Sausage and Mash

Again, Flyfour will be home late, so we're having a meal that I know the children love and is easy to throw a load of vegetables on the plate with. I'll serve it with sweetcorn and I'll put butternut squash into the mash and claim it is carrot so they don't complain!

Wednesday - Sandwiches

Top Ender and I will be off out to Rainbows and Brownies, so before she comes up she'll quickly make some sandwiches. I'm going to assume she'll make Fishfinger sandwiches, but she might just as well make Toasties or bacon sandwiches because she does what she fancies!

All I know is, it's hot and filling and gives me the energy boost I need before hanging out with the Rainbows and Brownies!

Thursday  - Casserole

The whole family love a good casserole, but I can't promise that this will be one as it won't have been cooking from first thing in the morning, but will be made when I get home from work. I figured however, that we'd need it because my car has to go to the hospital today and I think some good old fashioned comfort food might take the edge off of having to pay for what the car needs fixed!

Friday - Salmon

I tried to buy noodles to have with this, but I couldn't find any!

Instead we're going to have it with rice and if I can get someone to drop into the fab pantry near the end of our street, that sells seasonal and local fruit and vegetables some purple cauliflower too.

So that's what we're eating this week, how about you?