Halloween 2020!

We hadn't really talked much about Halloween this year, I mean I'd decided that we'd be doing a few fun things, such as watching a film together, eating a spooky-themed meal and probably going for some kind of spooky walk, but that's normal for Halloween in our house. With the Trunk n' Treat cancelled, I figured we weren't going to be doing anything Halloween wise, no costumes, no trick or treating (although I have purchased plenty of treats for the four of us to split!) the most we were planning really was when Top Ender and I purchased tickets to go to a Drive-in Cinema the night before Halloween to see Beetlejuice. 

Then Top Ender asked if I could buy her a couple of items of clothing if I went near Primark during Half Term. A white tank top and a black pleated skirt were all she was after because she needed them for her Halloween costume. Despite a global pandemic, it seems it is business as normal with regards to costume planning. Roughly a week before Halloween they realise they are missing the important pieces they urgently need and it's up to me to source them.

Luckily the items Top Ender wanted were easy to source and I knew as soon as she asked for them, what she was planning on being for Halloween. I also knew that I could create a costume from items I already owned that would compliment Top Ender's as it was from the same film.

Top Ender as Regina George, PippaD as Damien a Group Mean Girls costume idea

Do you know who we are?!

Top Ender is, of course, Regina George (after Janice has cut her top) and I'm Damien ("She doesn't even go here!) from the classic film Mean Girls. I'm sure my friends at work will not be surprised by my costume, as every Wednesday I wear pink in tribute to the film and of course, all you lovely people on the internet shouldn't be surprised either because "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!".

You'll have to excuse me, I've got a sudden urge to go and watch Mean Girls.