Fernweh And Wanderlust!

Sometimes I say things to Flyfour that means he looks at me a bit weirdly. Then sometimes Flyfour says things to me that confirm to me how much I love him and remind me that I married the man for more than his looks, but definitely not because of how much I influence him!

Recently I've been suffering a bit of a Fernweh like feeling, (It's a German word for far sickness, sort of the opposite of homesickness) and I'm pretty sure it's because we had to cancel our trip to Italy earlier this year and with the summer being spent at home I didn't get a chance to have a little bit of an adventure. All I wanted to do was go for a walk at a shopping centre that the family and I have been to a few times, nothing grand but just something that help positive memories for me, and yet Flyfour looked at me as if I were nuts.

Pip and Nut... I mean Flyfour!

Then a couple of Saturdays ago, Flyfour explained that he had a craving to go walking in the rain in the lake district, that he wanted to see views and that fine rain mist and be outdoors and just to experience what he could feel in his head and heart. Yeah, it was a fernweh like feeling, like I'd been experiencing!

It was because I had been experiencing the same thing that I knew what he meant when he was trying to verbalise how he was feeling. It wasn't wanderlust as such, it wasn't really fernweh, neither of us could really explain it properly. We wanted to be where our heart was, in beautiful places doing things that we love to do, mainly walking, being together and looking at beautiful things.

So we started looking at taking the family away for the weekend, so we could go walking and be together and look at beautiful things. We could afford to do this because of my "Secret Holiday Fund" which isn't really a secret, just a place I squirrel away a little money each month was healthy and so within a couple of hours we had booked a couple of nights at an Airbnb, been and purchased me some new walking boots and Flyfour a new raincoat and we still have enough left that we could do this a few more times in the next few months!

Of course, we had to go and try out my new boots and Flyfour's new coat, so on Sunday morning, we set off on a circular walk in Great Linford, without the children because they realised that outside our home it was cold, wet and windy!

Pippa And Flyfour on the Great Linford Circular Walk

Flyour and I didn't care because it was great fun and now we are super excited for our little walking holiday and now that the children will enjoy all that we do too.