What We're Eating W/C 10th October 2020

This last week has been fabulously fun. It was my first full week of my new job, I had Youth night and Brownies as normal and even managed to schedule in some time to video chat with my friends. This week is shaping up to be just as great, with lots of family time, an opportunity for the children and I to do some volunteering and of course plenty of time for us to hang out together and do things which are important to us.

Having some Family Fun (before Covid-19 was a thing!)

Saturday - Fish and Chips

We're planning on being far from home tonight and we found a Gluten-free Fish and Chip shop not too far from where we are going to be, so we figured we'd eat out and continue having fun with the family late into the night!

Sunday - Tacos

I was trying to think of something fun and quick to eat and I remembered that the entire family LOVE Tacos and so it would be a great meal for the family to finish a fab fun weekend off with.

Monday - Soup and Toasties

My favourite and I think we should eat this at least once a day for the next year. Or maybe just today as I'd be bored by the end of the week if we did eat them daily.

Tuesday - Pasta Puttanesca

From what I understand the best way to make this dish, is to chop up all or any veggies in the fridge, fry them a little in butter, mix it all together and just eat the deliciousness that happens when you combine veggies, tomatoes and pasta.

Wednesday - Bacon Rolls

When Tops and I get back from Brownies, we'll want to eat and we'll want to eat quickly. So some bacon rolls will be needed, as they won't take long to cook and bacon makes the children forgive me of most sins... like the fact they have to wait until super late to eat their supper!

Thursday - Salmon Fried Rice

A mix of Salmon, rice, various vegetables and if Flyfour isn't eating with us egg, will combine to make a meal that Dan Jon will love (fried rice is his favourite) and Top Ender will happily munch through and I'll gulp down and wonder why I'm hungry twenty minutes later.

Friday - Cowboy Casserole

So normally, I throw sausages, a bit of bacon into a mix of beans, baked beans, cans of tomatoes and add things like onion and potato... and I'll do the same this week but I'll also throw in some sweet potato and some butternut squash because the children won't notice or rather will think it's potato until they are chewing and it's too late. Mwhahahahahahahaha!

So there we go, meals for the week and another little glimpse into my evil mind. What are you eating this week?