Seven traits of me Meme

A Blog Award

So Rachel over at Really Rachel passed this Meme award on to me. I think she doesn't like me and is trying to punish me ;)
In a nutshell I have to list seven of my personality traits and then pass this meme onto seven other bloggers, whom I would like to torture learn more about.
I had decided that I would just do this for me, but because Daddy would complain if I didn't answer for Top Ender and Baby Boy I have done one word answers for them too!
In no particular order this is Me
1. Lazy. Honestly I am dead lazy. I would rather sit and do nothing than do something that needed to be done, but because I know that this isn't any way to live I get up and do the things that need to be done!
2. Motivated. I know how to motivate myself and those around me and constantly use it so people forget that trait number one is in my nature.
3. Crafty. I like making things, and I am cunning like a fox ("as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on, and is now working for the UN at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning") and this doesn't count as two traits because they are both the same thing...
4. Competitive. In a good way though. I like to beat things that I have done (change the sheets on the bed, a course on Mario Karts, read a book, drive to Nanny B's) and I have a healthy rivalry with Daddy on all of our Wii games!
5. Frugal. I try not to waste anything. Got some left over gravy? Freeze it for Baby Boys dinners. Rubber Chicken, I'll try and rubber anything in my house!
6. Funny. I think I am funny. I like to think I am funny. Other people tell me I am funny. Other people have mentioned to me in passing that I am funny. My children think I am funny. My children laugh at me.
7. Precise.
And again in no particular order this is Top Ender
1. Imaginative
2. Excitable
3. Creative
4. Whimsical
5. Loving
6. Authoritative
7. Adventurous
And you should know by now that this is Baby Boy
1. Funny
2. Observant
3. Curious
4. Flirtatious
5. Confident
6. Persistent
7. Loving
And I pass this on to the following;
1. Rainbow Jelly
2. Tish Tash Toys
3. Tawny
4. Perfectly Happy Mum
5. His Boys can swim
6. Half Mum Half Biscuit
7. Over 30 mommy

Be warned though this is harder than it looks!