Mummy Giggles - An unusual business meeting

After the story from And 1 more means four on Saturday about accidentally have an innuendo filled conversation with her boss I thought we should have a laugh at me for a change with a story from the archives of my mind!

First DC was my male boss and his wife had just given birth to twin girls the fortnight before who were very, very, very, very cute.

"DC the babies are so cute!" I said looking at a photo
"Thank you" he said knowing already that they were indeed two of the cutest babies ever
"Can I have your babies?" I said not realising what it was I was saying even when I had said it
"Well I don't really know you that well" said DC with an evil (maybe not evil) twinkle in his eye
"I don't think I meant it like it sounded" I said turning a very bright red
"Too late, we heard it" said the HR manager (who I was rapidly going off at this point)

And they only told everyone at the next company meeting in which I was at attendance, so no harm done...