Baby Boy Giggles - Private(s) joke

Baby Boy has started singing a lot. He likes to sing Nursery Rhymes and TV Theme tunes and occasionally we hear the odd word of a song he has made up. The best part comes from the theme tune he has made up for his favourite part of my anatomy however... Yes my boobs.

"Dah da da!" he sings as I unhook the cup when its time for milk
"Dah da da!" he sings when I take my bra off to go into the shower
"Dah da da!" he sings when he points to my boobs as he has a cuddle
"Dah da da!" he sings whenever I bend over and boobs are at his eye level

It was when we were at the supermarket during the week that it prompted the most laughter.

As I put him into the trolley he was eye level with my boobs again and so sang;

"Dah da da!"
"Very funny Baby Boy" I said

A few minutes later and a couple of aisles in;
"Mama" Baby Boy said
"Yes Baby Boy?" I said
"Dah da da!" he sang
We giggled together at our first little private joke.