Narnia could be in the back of my wardrobe (Week Four is Master Bedroom Week)

This week is the Master Bedroom Week part of the plan. We start in the Master Bedroom making it clean and tidy and have a closet clear out too. I hate this week, as my bedroom is a mess. I will get it cleared and it will be lovely for a week or so and then my bad habits start again and things start to pile up. I have too much stuff and I know that. Maybe this year will be different.

I think I am doing quite well with my holiday prep this year. I have been following the plan as normal, but with a lot of forward planning from earlier this year I realised that 75% of Top Enders Stocking gifts have already been purchased and around 25% of Baby Boys. With major gifts for both of them having been organised too and Daddy and I already having agreed that we only spend £25 on materials to make a gift for the other things seem to be getting on well!

This year I can't buy a Christmas Pudding for the family to share (although getting to find a alcohol free pudding had been getting harder and harder so I can't say I am sad about it!) and a quick look for wheat free, gluten free and alcohol free Christmas puddings show there are plenty on the market. I have even found several recommended recipes so that I could make my own (probably at the same cost) if I chose to!

Also this week I signed up to a Christmas Ornament Swap over at Its a wonderful life and I suggest that you all head over there too and sign up!

The main part of the Holiday prep for me this week is as follows;

*Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
*Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
*Buy two canned food items from menus
*Buy 1/8th of TO BUY gifts. Save all receipts, note return policy before buying.
*Wrap and label packages. (This will only be for Stockings for me)
*Make list of any table and bathroom linens that need replacing and pick up a few each week.

Also this week we will start to;

*Make calenders (well Top Ender will)
*Look for Holiday Outfits for the family

And we will continue to;

*Stock the Mummy Christmas Shop
*De-cluttering the children's toys and clothes
*Watch one Christmas film as a family a week

I have to go now as we are watching Home Alone today and I really want to get things done before we do, but as I said last week, you might like to go see these people, if you want to see how some others are preparing!

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