Its empty in here I tell you!

I didn't know what to write today.

I had a few draft posts that I deleted today because they don't seem to be things that you would be interested in. I'm sure that the effects of divorce on an adult child would of bored you to tears and I am even more sure that the epiphany post I was trying to write would of caused you to throw rotten produce at me.

I thought about doing one of those letter posts that are popular, but I don't have any pithy or witty letters in me or at least any subject that I could write said pithy or witty letters about.

A view out of the passenger door with different reflection in the wing mirror

Isn't this a clever picture?

I thought about doing a poo story, so that I could properly call myself a Mummy blogger, or maybe a birth story, or a feeling broody story but they seemed a little forced and we are back to the rotten produce being thrown at me.

I thought that maybe I could tell you about the people that came into my life and changed it for the better, or about my religious beliefs, or my political ideals or my ideas about how we can make the world a better place but they seemed a little serious for a Tuesday.

A view out of the passenger door with different reflection in the wing mirror and passenger visor

Looking at three different things at once, rather like looking in my head eh?

I thought I could tell you about the comment challenge or the blog everyday for a month challenge that I am taking part in, but I only had one line to say about them. And that was; "I am taking part in a challenge this month".

I wondered if I could talk about the playground Mums I know (Smug/Bitchy Mum, Mum I relate to, Posh Mum, Mum who ignores me, Mum who ignores her kids and there are others) but there isn't any decent gossip there at the moment as the school year is still too young!

So instead I have written this. A peek into my brain when I am thinking about blogging. You are welcome to leave now just please leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I can find my way out I just need to find where I left my marbles...

the things taken from my handbag after a company Christmas Meal

I'm not saying anything but I found these in my handbag after the Christmas party and I don't drink, see why I have trouble trying to find my marbles?!