I haven't been late night snacking and I can prove it!

Last week the scales and I came to an agreement, if they show me weight loss, I carry on losing weight. We stayed up late chatting to each other, not eating the Ben and Jerry's that was in the freezer (I made Daddy eat it last night!) and giggling over our previous silly misunderstanding.

This morning I stood butt naked in my kitchen (it's where my scales live, I don't know why they aren't in my Bathroom or Bedroom, they just live in the kitchen okay?!) and waited for them to read out my weight.

I'm 18st, 12lbs!

Normally when Daddy is at work (now three nights a week) I tend to take a treat (or four) upstairs and watch TV in bed. I realised that this was very bad behaviour and now I have started treating myself to soppy romance films which I watch downstairs whilst exercising. It is great as it means that I get extra exercise each day and as long as I eat more at lunch and dinner then I don't feel a need to snack either!
PArty Food from Top Enders 5th Birthday
My plans for this week are;

Meal Plan

Breakfast: Bowl of Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed Milk and a slice of toast with jam or marmalade and a small glass of milk (Top Ender needs to drink milk, so I am joining in).

Lunch: Sandwich with fruit or left overs from the night before.

Monday: Chicken and Noodles (yes we eat a lot of chicken in this house!)
Tuesday: Vegetable curry
Wednesday: Salmon and Pasta in creamy sauce
Thursday: Soup and cheese toasties
Friday: Sausage pie and vegetables
Saturday: Chinese take away
Sunday: Roast Beef and Trimmings

My Exercise routine is the same as last week with a 30 minute walk every week day, an hour on the wii every day, ten minutes doing weights, 15 minutes of dancing a day and an additional 30 minutes everyday following an online work out!

See you all next week!