I ♥ my Scales

The scales and I are friends this week.

I promised them, before I stood on them, that if they showed a weight loss I wouldn't stand on them again for a week.

I promised them, that if they showed a weight loss I would lose more weight in the next week so I wasn't as much of a strain on them.

I promised them, that if they showed a weight loss this week that I would give them a clean too.

The scales showed I had a weight loss this week of 2lbs.

I love my scales.Scales with a Heart shape on

Meal Plan

Breakfast: Bowl of Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed Milk and a slice of toast with jam
or marmalade and a small glass of milk (Top Ender needs to drink milk, so I am joining in).

Lunch: Sandwich with fruit or left overs from the night before.

Monday: Steak and Wedges (didn't have them Saturday as Daddy was ill) and Sweetcorn
Tuesday: Roast Chicken and Vegetables and Roast Potatoes
Wednesday: Crabby Patties and "fries" with various sides (coleslaw, beans, salsa)
Thursday: Chicken Curry and rice (smuggled veggies in curry sauce)
Friday: Pasta and chicken in pesto (smuggled veggies in the pesto)
Saturday: At my Cousins wedding, so healthy buffet foods.
Sunday: Salmon with Souffled Potatoes and vegetables and a fruit salad pudding

My Exercise routine is now in full swing with a 30 minute walk every week day, an hour on the wii every day, ten minutes doing weights, 15 minutes of dancing a day (the 15 minutes I challenged last week) and an additional 30 minutes everyday following an online work out!

Here's to continued success!