I'm not crazy! I just have a really really really good imagination!

Top Ender and I have a lot of games that we play together, that tend to drive Daddy crazy. You see Top Ender and I have very active imaginations.

For years when I babysat children I created imaginary worlds and situations to play in. I once took a group of eight children, with my sister, on a walk to a park and we pretended that we were walking through a zoo. As we went along we looked at each enclosure and watched what the animals were doing. This group of children are now young adults and I am still in touch with most of them. Those that I am still in touch with have mentioned this walk to me, and how they could really see the animals in the enclosures.

Of course there were no enclosures or animals just my very active imagination which all young children naturally have.

The thing is my imagination never left me.

I have invisible pets that I tell stories to children about that cause the parents to look at me as if I am mad because I appear to really believe the things I am saying...But that's because I do really believe the things I am saying! I mean I have two invisible pets dogs (although Top Ender now has one too) a whole group of monkeys and I am thinking of getting a few sheep. I use to have an invisible hippo called Holly, but she ran away and I had an invisible Gorilla but I haven't seen him around for a while. I think he moved out. Or maybe he got married. Hope he didn't get married as it would of been rude of him not to invite me to the wedding.

Top Ender has her invisible husband and children to contend with. She has a rather large number of them (children that is, there is only one husband) and often has to tell her invisible husband to stop being so silly or she will divorce him again. She divorced him the last time because he jumped in a puddle and got mud all over her dress. Apparently she wouldn't of minded had they not been going to his Grandmothers wedding...

It's fun to pretend like this. I mean who wouldn't rather watch a group of monkeys play whilst waiting in a queue at the Post Office? Or who wouldn't want to take an invisible dog for a walk on the beach in the moonlight? Admittedly walking to school with an invisible gorilla does get you some funny looks from the others who can't see the invisible gorilla, but you win some you lose some.

One day I will write a book about the invisible things that I see and earn my fortune but it will have to be anonymous... I might get put in a nice soft walled cell otherwise!