Top Ender and Baby Boy Giggles - Thank you!

Top Ender and Baby Boy had been given a balloon by the lovely lady in the party shop last Wednesday, Top Ender took hers upstairs to her room when she went to bed.

On Thursday morning when Baby Boy was feeling a bit grumpy (from his rude awakening of Top Enders rather loud rendition of "Big Red Combine Harvester") she fetched the balloon for him to play with under Daddy's supervision on his (and Mine!) bed.

Baby Boy likes to hold on to the ribbon and bump the balloon on the ceiling before letting the ribbon go and then catching the ribbon and pulling the balloon back down. Unfortunately on one go Baby Boy wasn't quick enough and didn't catch the ribbon before it was beyond his reach. Top Ender fearing for her ear drums grabbed the ribbon and passed it back to him.

"Thank you" said Baby Boy incredibly clearly
"Thank you? Your the best baby in the world!" said an impressed Top Ender

Not sure who was most proud me and Daddy or Top Ender!