Sleeping like a Baby

Sleep Deprivation Carnival Badge Last night I slept like a baby. Not that peaceful sleep that you see in adverts and hear about in Baby Books, but a proper Baby sleep. I know that it was a proper Baby Sleep because I am Baby Boy. This is what happened last night.

7pm Mummy started the bedtime routine for Top Ender and me. She got us washed and brushed my teeth whilst Top Ender did her own. Whilst Mummy put a nappy and a sleep suit on me, she let Top Ender get dressed into her pajamas on her own. When Top Ender came downstairs she was wearing her pajama top and her pink legwarmers, but no trousers or shorts! I thought it was funny as Top Ender kept wiggling her bottom and Mummy pretended to be annoyed, but I knew that she was just pretending!

7:30pm Mummy told Top Ender and me the story she calls Number 161 The Tale of Rose Red and Snow White whilst she gave me some Booby milk. I have heard the story so many times before but Top Ender and I like it. Top Ender pretends to be Snow White and I pretend to be the Bear/Prince.Line drawing of a scene from Number 161 The Tale of Rose Red and Snow WhiteThe only thing about this story is that we don't use the book anymore and so I can't see the pictures. Mummy thinks this is a good thing because there are some scary stories and pictures in the book. What does she expect from Men called Grimm?

7:45pm Top Ender goes to bed and Mummy puts a sleepy me in to my cot. Mummy goes out of my room and into Top Ender to tuck her in and give her a kiss. I go to sleep too, but have a few minutes of moaning because I am on my own.Top Ender in bed with Cuddly Toys10pm Mummy comes up to bed. I know she does because I heard her shutting the stair gate at the Top of the Stairs. I call to her sleepily but she doesn't come into me. I know that she is probably sitting on her bed watching me on the Baby Monitor TV. I think it is funny that she watches me on TV and sometimes wave to the camera.

10:30pm I start crying and calling to Mummy to come and see me. When she comes in to me she doesn't talk she just picks me out of the cot and sits down in the rocking chair and cuddles me close. I start singing "Dah da da" because if Mummy isn't going to speak to me I shan't speak to her either! Mummy knows this tune means I want more milk so she settles back in the chair and starts to feed me again. Just as I am starting to get really comfy and doze off she takes her boob out of my mouth and puts me up on her shoulder as she puts her boob away. She pats my back and then puts me back into my cot. Our eyes have adjusted to the lack of light now and she smiles at me as she goes out of the room as she sees me waving to her.

12:35am Daddy pops his head in my room to check I am okay and to give me a kiss goodnight as he has just got home from work. I smile as he kisses me, but I stay fast asleep as Mummy will tell Daddy off if he wakes me up. I know that Daddy goes into Top Enders room too as the slight tinkle of the wind chimes on her door handle can be heard.

1am I have the same habit as Mummy and Top Ender as sometimes I talk in my sleep. Mummy says that when I get bigger she will know all my secrets. It is funny because if I start talking, even quietly, Mummy wakes up. She says that she is tuned into hear me in case I need her and she doesn't need the baby monitor... which is a good job seeing as it is turned off! The thing is Mummy says is once she is awake it takes her ages to go back to sleep.

Mummy with Pajamas on her head

1:30am I decide that I am too hot and so I kick my blankets off. I know Mummy knows I do this because when I kick my blankets off I always kick the bottom of the cot and it makes a big banging sound.
1:45am I decide that I am too cold and cry until Mummy comes in and puts the blankets back on me.

2am I decide that I should start singing the songs that Mummy is teaching me. Mummy is teaching me Christmas songs my favourite is Jingle Bells. I don't know all the words, but I like the bit that goes "Hey!" and so I start practising that one. I sing it for ages, so I can be sure that I have it right for when Mummy sings it to me tomorrow. I thought I could hear Mummy and Daddy giggling, but I am sure that it was just one of the cats.

The Rocking Chair in Baby Boys room near his cot

4am I decide that I am lonely, even though I was asleep until two seconds ago. I use to call for Mummy by shouting "Mama, Bad Baba Mama!" but now I have decided the best way to get her attention is to scream and cry. Mummy comes into my room really quickly as she doesn't want Daddy and Top Ender to be woken up. I snuggle into her whilst she calms me down and hushes me back to quiet and sleep. When she puts me back into my cot I start crying again, so Mummy pats me on my bottom and strokes my head. I don't like this and I don't know why she does it every night, so I show I am annoyed and stand up in the cot and start to try and climb out whilst crying louder and louder. Mummy sighs and picks me up again and sits back in the rocking chair. I cuddle in to her and listen as she falls asleep whilst rocking. I cuddle in closer and fall asleep too.

6am I am never sure what happens after me and Mummy fall asleep in the rocking chair as the next thing I know I am in my cot and I want to get out of it again. I shout for Mummy who stumbles into my room, looking like a monster from a horror film I accidentally watched once. She is so silly and instead of going to sleep when she goes to bed at 10pm, she stays up reading her Scriptures or writing in her diary. I have heard her say to Daddy that she can't sleep without him in the bed. I don't know why she needs him in the bed. I could sleep in the bed with her! Mummy says that she needs a bit more sleep and says I can get in the bed with her and Daddy. I like this as whilst I am dozing I get away with poking Daddy. I poke him a few times before he turns over to look at me. I quickly pretend to be fast asleep and Daddy kisses me, before I snuggle into Mummy again.

Sun Rise as seen out of the Front Door

7am I wake up and decide that Mummy should wake up too so I tickle her under her chin and giggle"Tickle tickle!" until she wakes up. Once she is awake she quickly gets out of bed and takes me downstairs. She says that Daddy needs more sleep, before he goes to work again.

11:30am I feel tired. Probably because I was up so much in the night so I think I should have a nap. It annoys Mummy because it is right over lunch time, but I don't care! I'm tired doesn't she know! Anyway I'll wake up after an hour and a half, unless Mummy decides to have a nap too; in which case I'll wake up as soon as her eyes close...

3:30pm We are taking Top Ender swimming and so I decide that I should probably go to sleep in the pram for a half hour, so that I don't get bored. I know that Mummy wishes she could fall asleep as quickly as me, but she will get her chance to sleep tonight!

I had better go as Mummy is just doing the dishes before she starts the bedtime routine tonight and I don't want her knowing I was here!