The 4am Project.

Last year 4am was a time that I was often awake. I would either be listening out for Baby Boy to wake up wanting milk, or actually giving him the required milk.

I am not sure how I first found out about the 4am project, but I do know that I left a comment on the blog saying that I was up for joining in. I mean I was going to be up anyway! Karen let me know that she was pleased to welcome me aboad.

You see her fascination with 4am came when she was driving at 4am and was just taken with the different view that she was getting. Without cars and people in the way you look at things differently.

So last year on the 3rd of April, I went to bed with my camera next to me. On the 4th April at 4am I was planning on wandering around the house taking various photos of either the children or what was outside.

But I kind of forgot to set an alarm.

And Baby Boy slept through the night.

This year however my alarm is already set!