Top Ender Giggles - Memory of a Goldfish

During the Easter Holidays Daddy took a day off so that we could have a family fun day. We had a few ideas of what it was that we would like to do, but didn't have anything definite planned. Top Ender and I were sitting on the sofa and we asked her what she would like to do.

"Go to 360?" she asked
"No, it will be busy and it isn't something we can do as a family!" Daddy answered
"Well then we might as well just stay at home and watch TV all day!" she snorted back

Top Ender flopped back into the sofa and after a quarter of a second sat back up

"Right, well I am bored now, so lets go out!" she brightly breezed

I love this photo of Top Ender, she is always pulling funny faces... she's not like me at all!