Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is almost over. Frost is on the TV and the leftovers from the Roast Lamb that we enjoyed today are calling to me.

We have Easter Eggs coming out of ears and I have more bunches of flowers than I have vases for. In fact I have had to rescue a glass jar from the recycling box to put a beautiful bunch of Roses from my Mum in.

All the Grandparents have seen the Grandchildren today and have watched delighted as they have eaten some of the chocolate they have pressed upon them (because the children were oh so reluctant to eat yet another piece of chocolate) and the children are now in bed, dreaming happily of Bunnies and Grandparents who bring more chocolate than they have ever seen.

So please excuse me, but I am off to snuggle on the sofa (Yes in my slanket) with my beloved Husband and to be thankful that we got to share this together.

Happy Easter Everyone!

In honour of Nanna's Chocolate Bunny who is missing its bottom.