The Meme about what makes me happy - Or Sorry Single Mummy!

I have known Single Mummy for several years now. As I mentioned the other day (in my April Meme) I first met her when I was pregnant with Top Ender... Well I say met her, I haven't actually ever met her in person!

Anyway because she is lovely she tagged me in two memes and I haven't done either of them. So I am going to do one of them now. The Meme about what makes me happy

I have to list ten things that make me happy so....

1 My Family. Yes I know it is a cliche, but really they do make me happy. I am a better person when they are around.

I want to be a better person when they are around. I want to be the better person for them. I want to be the best so that they can be the best, yes I know that I might control things a little too much, but I try to make things fun at the same time.

2 Watching TV shows that Daddy says he doesn't like (but then gets annoyed if I watch them when he isn't around). There aren't many that this happens with, but he does like to dip in and out of a few of my addictions! I also like that he lets me watch the Sci-fi ones on my own without asking me what is going on every five minutes!

3 A glass of Dr Pepper. I love the stuff. That is all I will say on the subject!

Okay you twisted my arm! I love to drink the stuff cold, I love to drink it hot. I love the smell and the taste and now that almost every vending machine in the UK stocks it, I feel that my life is complete! I so wish that there were some places in the UK that had it on tap as there is in the USA. In fact I wish I had it on tap here... wonder if I could get it hooked up like the Gas and Water and Electric?

4 Work. I really enjoy my job. I think I do a good job and I know that some people appreciate my efforts! I know I complain about it, but that is part of the good! Having a good moan but not doing anything about it, is so very British!

5 Flowers. I love flowers, all kinds. I love to smell them, the colours, the shapes. I really need to buy myself more flowers. I need to play with flowers more often.

6 Reading. I love reading. I remember once when I was quite young reading a Sweet Valley High Book and needing to pee. For some reason I didn't do my usual trick of taking the book with me to the toilet. As I was sitting on the toilet I started to get upset because I was going to miss my TV programme. For some reason I had forgotten that I was reading a book and had thought that it was a film. That is how all books are for me. The people become real or there is a movie like quality to them. I like to be able to escape to another world.

7 Music. Any music, I will listen to Mongolian Noseflutes, Tuvan Throat Singing, Acid Jazz or Eurovision entries. Heck I even have a favourite Tweenies CD and a favourite song. This is why I like Glee so much! I also really love Musicals, I sometimes wish that I lived in a Musical. Wouldn't it be neat to just suddenly burst into song and nobody look at you as if you are crazy?

8 Fly Lady. Yes, she makes me happy. Why? Because it thanks to her that I kind of have routines in place. It because of her that I understand myself better. I know that I like lists, I know that I respond well to encouragement. I know that I just need to be a little kinder on myself and a little harder in equal measure!
9 Showers. I love getting in the shower. I love trying to get everything washed before my timer goes off and I love the once a week take as long as I want shower. Ahh. I am not going to describe too much about the shower as I know what key search words will bring up this blog if I mention getting soapy in the shower. Darn it.

10 Friends. I actually think that I am getting some friends. I think that I have opened myself up enough to make people realise that I am not a complete loony, but then again shown enough loony for them to realise that I am just like them (Hello collective Playgroup Mummies!). And also they have nice houses. In fact I am going to move in with them even if they don't want me to... Actually scratch that I'm not moving in with them all, just going to flip a coin and steal a house!

Right so I don't know who has and who hasn't had this one, so if you would like it then you are tagged and if you would let me know and link back to me I shall update this page here and link to you!