Baby Boy Giggles - Copy Cat

Top Ender had the hiccups and after a few attempts of me trying to help her to lose them I gave up. I was a little tired and so lay back on the sofa and closed my eyes for a second, whilst Top Ender cuddled in.

A moment later and Daddy jumped beside me and screamed "BOO!" at Top Ender to try to get her to lose her hiccups. Of course she wasn't frightened but it did make me yell a rude word;

"Shit!" I screamed in fright suddenly waking up from a rather pleasant dream about certain TV Characters
"Did I frighten you?!" laughed Daddy
"Yes! I was asleep!" I answered, looking round to check if the children might of magically missed my swearing.

A few minutes passed.

"Daddy?" asked Baby Boy
"Yes Baby Boy?" answered Daddy
"Boo Baby Boy Daddy?" he asked
"Okay Baby Boy" answered Daddy going on to call out "Boo!"
"Shit Daddy!" giggled Baby Boy looking at me