April meme: All About Springtime

I was tagged in a meme about Springtime over at Ready for Ten... well actually Top Ender was as the meme is about asking children six questions about how the world changes in spring, and the things they can do outside in Spring.

The questions are;

1. How does the world change in the spring?
2. Lots of babies are born in the spring. Where do you think baby animals are born?
3. What did mummy do before you were born?
4. Spring is a good time to play outside. If you and mummy could spend a whole day playing outside, doing anything you want, what would it be?
5. Did you know we moved the clocks forward onto British Summer Time? Why do you think we do this?
6. How long is it until summer?

So Top Ender and I decided to make a video...

(Or you can go see it here at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1M30QKj73k)

And now I am going to tag the following two children (who I know are a similar age to Top Ender because I met their Mummys when we were pregnant!)

E who belongs to Single Mummy - I promise to do your Memes!!!
Daniel who belongs to Wee Wifie because if I remember rightly he is a great little character

And the lovely Flea who belongs to Who's the Mummy? because she is just fantastic!

Girls don't forget to go and add your link to the McLinky linky link at the Ready for Ten website and you don't have to do a video, you can type your answers!