I'm Magic and know Everything!

"Mum you know that Easter festival that lasts eight days for Jewish people?" asked Top Ender

"Top Ender do you mean Passover?" I answered hoping that I was right
"Yeah that one!" she answered
"Jewish people don't celebrate Easter. Passover is a different thing altogether." I answered
"Oh. Well there is a book about it you know." she said
"Well the only book I know that is about it is the Bible. Its in Leviticus." I answered
"Yeah that's the one." she answered
"Well we could read it together if you like..." I said
"Mummy? Are you Jewish?" she asked
"No, Top Ender I am LDS, a Christian." I said
"Well then how come you know so much about it all then?" she asked
I didn't answer her seriously, I just laughed that "I'm magic and know Everything!"
I should of told her that before she was born I went to University (for one year, but it still counts, I couldn't afford to stay for the other two) and studied Religious Studies, Theology and English.
I should of told her that in order to understand my own faith and to know that my faith was right for me that I should understand other peoples faiths.
I should of told her that with all the books that I have read in the past I have picked up a fair bit of knowledge about lots of things.
I should of told her that one day she would know lots of things too, but I didn't. 
I wanted her to believe that I know everything, that I am the sun and the moon, that I know the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Father Christmas (and his wife), The Chief Elf, the answer to the hardest math problem she can think of, that I have read every book and I know every song ever written.

I didn't tell her because I wanted Top Ender to still believe that I am Magic.