My Playlist.

Over at Who's the Mummy? Sally tagged me in a infinite play list meme. You are asked to list five songs that you would listen to for the rest of time; Could listen to for the rest of time.

I started thinking. I got a list of twenty, reduced it to ten and then managed to reduce it again to five. These are my five.

Always a woman to me by Billy Joel. This song describes me, well my idea of me. Every time I say that Daddy makes a comment about how it isn't true that I am not as mean or cruel as the woman in the song, but I see myself in the lyrics. And I like the song.

Rock N' Roll Nerd by Tim Minchin. You have to love Tim Minchin, its the law (really before the election was called it was passed and if you break this law you have to pay a huge fine to me). I was going to put down Canvas bag but Rock N' Roll is the one that made it to the list of the final five. You see if I was talented it would be about me!

Song for a Grounded Angel by Joshua Kadison. This is actually Top Ender and Baby Boys song. You see it was playing when Top Ender was born (and should of been playing when Baby Boy was born but it wasn't so we will just pretend okay) and I really do pray for them only beautiful things.

Beach Baby by First Class. This song is the exact length of time it takes to drive from the local Tesco to my road. Yes I know that it is sad that I know that. I would of loved to have been an American teen like the ones portrayed in this song.

Written in the Stars by by LeAnn Rimes and Elton John from Aida. This is my heartbreak song. It reminds me of a time and a place when I thought I knew everything and instead I discovered that loving hurts sometimes.

Now for the taggings. I am going to be naughty and tag Daddy from A Mothers Ramblings and Single Mummy and Mediocre Mum and Bringing up Charlie and Being a Mummy and Top Ender too!

Top Ender and her ipod which has more than five songs on