A Perfect Day

Today is Sunday, my normally perfect day. Now I know that as a Flybaby I shouldn't use the p word, but honestly Sundays are brilliant in our house. Sundays are the day that we spend together as a family, the day that we don't need to rush around to the shops or do things that we don't really want to.

If everything goes to plan then today we are going to have a picnic in the Gardens of a local Manor House after I have finished work and the children and Daddy are back from swimming. Tonight when I am back home, I will hopefully look back on today and see that today was a perfect day.

If it wasn't however I shall just remember that I was tagged in A Perfect Day Meme by Single Mummy and that in my head this is what happened...

I wake up at 7am to Daddy getting up to see to Baby Boy and taking him downstairs so that I can have my extra hour (or two) in bed before I start work. I will spend the first hour either sleeping and making use of the whole bed or reading my book and playing on my iPod Touch... possibly even tweeting!

An hour later and I will be needing to pee.

I shall go downstairs to the bathroom, stopping off at the under stairs cupboard to pick up some freshly laundered towels, and well pee. Then of course I will jump in the shower and wash my hair with my expensive conditioner which I only use on Sunday mornings. After getting out and brushing my teeth to make me feel really clean I shall put on my make up before going back upstairs to get dressed.

I will be back downstairs at 8:40 and Baby Boy will of course want some milk and so we shall have a quick cuddle on the sofa whilst I am eating my breakfast and Top Ender fills me in on the events of the morning so far. She will then willingly go off to get washed and dressed and get her bag ready for swimming. Baby Boy will have had his fill and will go off with Daddy, (who has got dressed whilst I was eating and feeding) to get dressed and washed.

I will then start work. I will work for three hours and whilst things are quiet I will read blogs, reply to comments on my blog, answer my emails and tweet. At some point whilst I was working Daddy and the children went out. They were going to go swimming, but they will also go to a park after they finish at the pool and I will be able to see what they are up to from the Tweets that Daddy will send. When they come back they will empty the swim bags themselves and Top Ender and Baby Boy will nearly be ready for lunch.

We will throw the packed picnic bag into the car, make sure everyone is strapped in and drive to the Manor House.

The sun will be shining.

Whilst we are there we will wander around the gardens, looking at the flowers and the trees, following the clues as set out in the little guide book and reading the detailed information panels around the gardens. Both the video camera and the Big digital camera will be out and Daddy and I will be taking great photos and videos of Top Ender and Baby Boy and of each other. We will take at least one photo and one video on timer of all of us together.

We will sit down to our picnic in a nice sunny spot and after our lunch we will wander round the gardens a bit more and then head back home. Late in the afternoon we will fire up the BBQ and have Salmon and potatoes roasted in foil on the BBQ and as it is my perfect day Baby Boy and I will have some corn on the cob to munch on too.

After the bedtime routine and the children have gone to bed Daddy and I will sit out in the last of the evening sun, chatting about anything we can think of or more than likely playing a game that we have invented during the day. As it starts to get chilly we will go back into the house and decide to watch a bit of TV in bed where I will fall asleep before the end of the programme and the perfect day will end.