What did we do over Easter Half Term?

At the start of April I posted about What we want to do over Easter Half Term.

I posted a list of things and it is repeated here with what we managed to do in the bolder font!

•Create a time capsule (to be opened in the Summer)
•Go on a treasure hunt
•Go for a walk in the woods
•Go to a farm
•Go to an indoor play centre
•Go for a picnic
•Go to the local Manor House to walk round the gardens
•Go to see our local Shopping centres indoor display (its a Village Green this Easter)
•Stay over at Granny's (well Top Ender will)
•Have Granny over for Easter Sunday Lunch
•Lay the flooring in the clubhouse and make it bug proof (Top Enders request!)
•Make some net curtains for the windows of the clubhouse
•Make an Easter collage
•Sort out our toys and books to give to charity or the local women's shelter

I don't think we did too bad!