Did you hear about CyberMummy?

For those of you who aren't bloggers or who don't read more than one British Parent blog (that's what I am classed as BTW) then you probably have no clue about a really big event that's coming up in July.

CyberMummy is an event where Mummy (and Daddy) Bloggers can get together to network, learn more about the art of blogging, the technical side of things and lots of other things that get geeks like me excited (Want me to talk stats? Yeah I didn't think you did). The only downside to it was how was I going to fund my ticket.

I managed to do something really clever, I managed to get sponsored. You see I tweeted this;

And two days later I was contacted by a sponsor who wanted to pay for my ticket! So now I am proud to announce that I am a Huggies Mummy! I have some lovely co-bloggers also being sponsored by Huggies and they are;

A place of my Own
Bump2Basics: Random Musings From an American Mom in London
Baby Genie
Me, the Man, and the Baby
Perfectly Happy Mum
The Alice
Young & Younger

And of course this wouldn't be possible without Huggies!