Baby Boy Giggles - His Bedtime Routine

"Night night Baby Boy" I say as I kiss his Forehead and switch on the lullaby sheep
"Mummy?" asks Baby Boy
"Yes Baby Boy?" I answer brightly knowing whats to come
"Where's Top Ender?" he says
"In bed Sweetheart waiting for me to tuck her in!" I smile at him
"Where's Daddy?" he says
"At work Sweetie!" I say with my nose twitching as I smile again
"Top Ender with Daddy?" he questions
"No, Top Ender is in bed and Daddy is at work" I answer softly
"Daddy bed with Top Ender?" he puzzles
"No Daddy is at work" I answer again
"Love Top Ender and Daddy" he answers happily as settles into his pillow "Love Mummy" he says sleepily
"We love you too Baby Boy" I answer quietly as I leave "We love you too."