Caption It Monday! #7

I was watching Big Boy using the computer at the weekend and started thinking about how when I was three I had no idea what a computer was let alone how to turn it on, navigate to my favourite website, find my favourite game and then play it! I assume it was because we have always let Top Ender and Big Boy have a go on the computers in our home, we have sat them on our knee whilst we have surfed or watched videos, sent emails or even blogged and as such they have confidence in their own use of technology. It did remind me of a picture of Top Ender from when she was nearly a year old and I thought that it might be fun to caption!
Top Ender on the computer

And before you ask, No I don't know what website it is that she is looking at!

Last weeks picture was of me wearing a face mask, as I was preparing for The MAD's and had to look beautiful as I was going to be in a room with a lot of other women. You took this picture and added the captions I knew it deserved so bravo to you all! Here however are the Runner Up's and Winner

Pips tried very hard not to smile and crack her face...

Runner Up

"Aaarrrrgh It's the creature from the Blue Lagoon!!" from Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy

"Pippa wasn't sure that this new foundation was quite her colour!" from Deals for Mums


"Pips tried very hard not to smile and crack her face..." from Vic

I hope that you had fun insulting me as I sure had fun reading the comments and I hope that this weeks gives you something to chew over!