A Walk Round Ashland Lake Milton Keynes

One of the fantastic things about Milton Keynes that I will never stop going on about is the number of parks and lakes that there is to walk around. After a trip to the Shopping Centre Daddy decided to go home a different way. Due to the grid road system it almost doesn't matter what road you take, as long as you head in the same general direction of your house you will eventually get there! We started driving towards a newish estate, that was built on land that was previously occupied by the Greyhound track. You can see this new estate from the A5 and it has a large fountain that the children take great delight in looking at, and as the houses look rather nice I like to look at the estate too. Somehow I managed to convince Daddy that parking near the park that edges this estate was a good idea and that going for a walk up to the fountain was even better. It was a bit of a grey day, but Daddy with his very clever phone took a fantastic bright and sunny picture of the view that greeted us.
Ashland Milton Keynes

Walking across the stones isn't probably what you are supposed to do, but when they are there and they look so inviting you kind of have to right?!

(Video can be seen at http://youtu.be/kmvgM-CxYwI)

We walked up and along to the fountain and admired the houses with roof top gardens and proper back gardens and vowed to look up the area on some local Estate Agents websites so we could see inside the houses (WOW!) before heading home for toast and hot chocolate for supper.
The Fountain at Ashland Milton Keynes

I've started thinking about walking around the other housing estates and not just in Milton Keynes to see what other hidden treasures we can find! Is there anywhere you would recommend?!