Discovery Mexican Independence Day Celebration

Discovery foods contributed to my travel and brought me and my family lunch.

A couple of weekends ago Discovery Foods invited me, Emma and Vic (and our families) down to Brighton for the day to take part in the Mexican Independence Day Celebrations as part of the Brighton Food Festival. Now I didn't know much about Mexican Independence Day, (I actually thought that was what Cinco De Mayo was about), and so I turned to my friend Google to tell me all about it. When Emma, Vic and I met up in Brighton and I started explaining about the revolution their eyes glazed over and it wasn't because of the delicious smells coming from the Discovery Foods stand. So to save you the trouble of asking Google and keeping it brief so you don't all start looking like a Zombie (Zombies have glazed eyes right?) a Priest (Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla) started the revolution and it took ages (like 11 years).

Best Blogging Friends

And because I know you don't really want me to talk about how lovely the food was here are some pictures of us enjoying it. We use Discovery Food ingredients a lot at home, mainly because the Taco's are gluten free (and that pleases Daddy a lot) and because they make tray taco's which in my mind are a lot easier to handle. As you can see Daddy polished off his (and Big Boy's) in a matter of seconds.

Daddy eating a Taco

Top Ender holding a fajita

Top Ender and I opted for a Chicken fajita's, which was lovely. Top Ender left the smallest piece of hers (Yes I did eat it) which I was surprised about as I expected it to be spicier and so for her to leave a lot more. She loved it so much that the next time we were in the Supermarket, she threw some Fajita's into the trolley when she thought I wasn't looking.

The only problem I knew would be Big Boy who is going through a slight vegetarian phase (for some reason between the ages of 2 and 4 my children stop eating hot meat unless it is a chicken goujon) and so in honour of Mexican Indpendence Day I knocked up a few chilli shaped cucumber and cheese sandwiches for him.

Chilli Shaped Sandwiches

They went down really well with Top Ender helping him as I made 28 of the mini sandwiches which was probably 14 too many!