Top Ender - The Fashionable One

Top Ender is going to be a fashion designer when she is older. Yes, there are a hundred other things that she is going to do at the same time (Sweet Shop Owner, Author, Singer, Actress, Model) but the one thing that remains a constant is fashion designer. Tops is always sketching outfit ideas, putting together outfits on her Harumika, in games that she finds on websites and of course her own outfits. We have decided that this year we will get her a sewing machine for Christmas or her birthday (there is only a couple of weeks between them), nothing too fancy just something that she can learn to sew on and that will help whip up a few outfits a lot quicker than relying on me to hand stitch the seams.

Anyway I saw a picture on Pinterest the other week of a rather funky hairstyle. I showed it to Top Ender and the next thing I knew, she had made her hair up just like the picture. She had known how to create the hairstyle that we both had fallen in love with. I mean look at that, it's so bohemian and so Top Ender.
Top Ender with Bohemian Hair from Pinterest

And then the other weekend whilst trimming the ends of her hair Top Ender asked for a fringe. She wanted a change, something to set her apart from the younger her.

Top Enders new fringe

Quite fashionable right? Only problem is now her hair is too short for the boho look she sported in the first picture. Anyone any ideas on how to make her hair grow quicker?!