Colour - The Gallery

It was my wedding anniversary last week, and Daddy knew that he was getting a gift of tin can candle holders and he wanted to give me something too. With the children he worked on something and presented me with a tissue wrapped photo frame with this photo inside.
Warhol inspired Family Portrait of A Mothers Ramblings
(The only picture Daddy could find of himself with a plain background was this moody shot)
When I saw the theme for this weeks Gallery, I knew I had to join in and share this picture because it means so much and has a lot of hidden memories, which I thought I would explain.

The picture of Big Boy is coloured Green because as Big Boy says "I LOVE GREEN!" It's true his favourite colour is green, with him trying to wear at least one green thing a day. I'm making him a superhero costume for Christmas and as you can guess it is going to be Green!

The picture of Top Ender is coloured Purple because Top Ender's favourite colours are purple, lilac and violet. I personally think that they are the same colour, just different shades but Top Ender assures me that I am wrong.

The picture of me is coloured Red because Big Boy said it should be. It's funny because I wore red to The MADs last week and was complimented on it being my colour. Just looking round, the main colour over here on A Mothers Ramblings is red and it is the main colour in my living room too!

The picture of Daddy is coloured Blue because Big Boy decided on that too. I always think of blue when I think of Daddy, his toothbrush is blue, the deodorant he uses has a blue label, he had a blue car and one of my favourite jumpers that he wears is blue too.

I'm thinking maybe Tara and Daddy were in cahoots on this... what do you think?