Splasha Towelling Wraps

We were sent two Splasha Towelling wraps to review.

When we were at the Lego Duplo event the other week we went swimming with Jen and Maxi and Mini. It was great fun and both Big Boy and Top Ender were exhausted after having swam and splashed around for so long. When we got out the pool Daddy and I wrapped them up in new Splasha Towelling Wraps that we had been sent by Morrck and went back to our hotel room with two very cuddly children!
Top Ender and Big Boy wearing Splasha Towelling Wraps

The Splasha Towelling Wraps are really soft and very absorbent but as they are more like dressing gowns they are really easy to wear. There are two patterns for the towels and Top Enders favourite was the spotty pattern in shades of pink and Big Boy loved the stripey shades of blue which was lucky really seeing as how the sizes we were sent gave them each their favourite option! The handy pocket at the front is perfect for putting hair bands and combs in and they were perfect for holding googles in on our way back from the swimming pool to the Hotel room.

I have found that they wash and dry really well, although I had to check if they could be tumble dried after having found them in the tumble dryer when Daddy transferred the washing from the machine to the Tumble Dryer without checking what he was moving! My Mum even said (after putting them away when she was babysitting for us) that they were still really soft after a few washes and that she wished they made them in her size!

I really think that the towels are great and Top Ender and Big Boy love them and ask if they can have them when they get out of the bath, when we go swimming and we shall take them with us when we go to Nanny B's! The Splasha towelling wraps are £19.95 each and are available from the Morrck website.