Stop Sending Me Emails Or I Will Be Angry ~ :-(

A few weeks back I was sitting at the PC working when I got an email from someone who subscribes by email to my blog. This isn't unusual, I get a couple of emails a week from a few readers asking questions about something I have written or updating me on a situation we have spoken about before and I love it. It means so much to me to get feedback or to know that the friendship isn't one sided.

This email was different though.
Email from a reader cartoon aggression style
I've taken out the name and email address of the other party. I'm not that evil.

I was confused for a moment after reading the email because I don't send emails out to random people (I think that is the definition of spam!), I only send them to people who sign up to receive my posts by email and even then it is automated with a nice link at the bottom stating that if you wish to unsubscribe now you can. I was also confused over the use of the "Steaming Mad" and "Punch" smilies. Are they only going to get Cartoon angry about me emailing them on a daily basis? Or were they to confirm that is what the levels of anger to follow would be? Was I being threatened?

I jumped over to feedburner which manages my email list for me. I searched for the email address and found that the person who had sent this email had signed up on the 12th August 2010. I had written a great review of a film that day, so I can't blame them for having signed up to have my blog posts sent to them everyday. I mean, you don't want to miss any of my posts do you? That is why you have all subscribed to have them emailed to you, or to have the RSS feed in your reader isn't it?

I clicked a button to stop this reader from getting any future emails and then sent a quick email just to confirm that I had done this (hoping not to anger them further, I don't want to be the cause of steam coming out of anyone's ears!) and that they could have done it at any point in the previous 391 days that they had been receiving my blog posts via email.

So what have I learnt from this experience? I'm not sure really. Maybe it's "You can't please all the people all the time" or maybe "Cartoon violence is deemed acceptable when threatening someone" or maybe it's "If you want people to sign up to get your blog posts delivered by email you should write a film review".

All I know for sure is you still love me. You do right?