Another Reason To Why I HATE Diabetes

Yesterday we had one of our regular check ups with our Diabetic Care Team.

BB having a finger prick blood test

Today I'm supposed to be going to a Bloggers Event in Central London.

Yesterday, the Diabetic Consultant (lovely man, looks nothing like his photo on his Security pass) saw BB and was pleased with what he saw. He was pleased that BB was enjoying being on the Insulin pump. Enjoying isn't really the right word but it's the only way to describe how much better being on the pump is as opposed to being given seven (or more) injections a day.

The Consultant was pleased with Daddy and I (mainly me, but Daddy does have input too) and the way we test and help BB to maintain a good even blood sugar level and that we were picking up on Trends that he could see looking at the numbers we gave him.

BB's overall blood sugar level is still a little high, so we (The Consultant, the Diabetic care team and us as a family) fiddled yesterday with BB's ratios and the amount of insulin that he is given over a 24hour period.

Minor changes.

All was well yesterday afternoon.

All was well yesterday evening.

All was sort of okay during the night.

All was not well this morning.

I woke up early, I was thinking about BB's levels and not being around during the day and so went to check BB's blood sugar. He was low. So I gave him a sugary drink that he drank whilst still half asleep as it was 5:30 am. 15 minutes later his blood sugars had gone up, but not enough to be considered normal. So I waited 15 minutes more and he had a perfect level (although probably still climbing).

Remember that Bloggers event I'm going to today? Now I have guilt over it and I'm not going.

During the day today, BB will probably have a few low blood sugar readings whilst at School. Now, yes Daddy can handle these and could handle the telephone calls we'll probably get from the School Office when BB fails to rise as quickly as he has in the past from a low blood sugar level.


It's me who deals with it normally. It's me who runs up the School with the Glucagon injection when the School tell me that BB is really low and not responding to them. I'm the one who goes to Children's birthday parties and stands at the back, watching and waiting for BB to start showing signs of being low, or ready to carb count and give him a bolus of insulin when the food is set out.

Before he was diagnosed, I wasn't the sort of Mum that hung around in the background. I'd regularly head off to London or to Blogger events or to my friends homes an hour or so away. I can't do that now. I'm turning down attending events all the time these days, because I can't be far from Big Boy. I can't be more than ten or fifteen minutes away because I need to be able to rush to School in case he is rushed to the Hospital.

Add this to the reasons to why I hate Diabetes.