Family Date Mornings

A few weeks back, Daddy and I realised that we'd been lack in having dates with the children. We think that such dates are important for our family, because it not only gives us more one on one time with each child but it gives us a chance to show the children how they should behave and expect to be treated on a date, yes I know that they are a long way off from dating, but it never hurts to teach someone something multiple times. There is one more benefit that is really more for Daddy and I, the children will only be children for so long and if we want to make enough memories for both the children and us to remember well into old age then we have to start them young.

Top Ender and Big Boy about to go Bowling

The routine that we have worked out is that one week I take Top Ender out and Daddy has a date at home with Big Boy. The next week, Daddy has a date out with Top Ender and I have a date at home with Big Boy. The following week I get to take Big Boy out and the week after that Daddy takes Big Boy out. Occasionally we throw in a family date, where we will all go out together for some fun and when the weather gets a bit better we'll be off having picnics and rambling over the local fields and out on our bikes together too.

The sorts of things that we've been doing on the dates out of the home are simple low cost treats, a trip round the local Shopping Centre, visiting a favourite park for ice cream, having lunch at a favourite restaurant, buying a new outfit or even buying a new toy or two!

The things we've been doing at home are even simpler. We've been playing on the consoles, visiting the local shop, crafting and drawing, playing in the garden, visiting the local park (no ice cream truck there!), creating videos, surfing the web and making forts.

It's these simple things that we hope our children are going to remember when they are older, that they are going to do with their own children and that if all goes well, that we'll be able to do with our Grandchildren.