Tips for Family Fun at LEGOLAND Windsor

We were asked if we'd like to pop down to LEGOLAND Windsor this past weekend to see the new Pirate Shores and Castaway Camp and to be one of the first families to experience the new attraction. Unfortunately the area wasn't quite ready for visitors so whilst I guess it will be a great new area for LEGOLAND explorers, don't hold me to it as I've not experienced it and so I can't say for sure! What I can say about LEGOLAND is based on our families visits that we've made in the past few years and of course this most recent visit.

Tips for Family Fun at LEGOLAND Windsor

LEGOLAND is one of those places, in my humble opinion, that you have to take your children to at least once. I say this because LEGOLAND is fantastic fun and as LEGO is a great toy for imagination play I don't think I have ever met a child who doesn't like to play with LEGO or DUPLO for a few minutes at least. The only downside I have about taking your family to the park, is the price of admission but there are normally discounts available for booking in advance and you can find vouchers for further admission discounts available in a variety of places, just google (or use your search engine of choice) to find out more.

The GREAT thing about the Park is that there are toilets and kiosks selling food and drink all over the place. This means that if you're just about to join the queue for a ride and your little one needs a wee you can just nip in, rather than letting your child wee through a wooden bridge, soaking the people queueing under the bridge (Yes, this really happened!). It also means that you could end up spending a lot of money on snacks and drinks, so maybe take a small bag of snacks in with you to intersperse with purchases of ice-creams (if the weather is good), and hot dogs.

We were lucky that on this most recent trip we were given special arm bands, which gave us an insight into how fantastic the Q-Bot Ultimate is. If you can afford it, getting a Q-Bot will help reduce the amount of time spent in queues and for some of the most popular rides this is a really good thing. Just be prepared for a few dirty looks from the people who haven't thought to use the Q-Bot, and consider which type of Q-Bot you'd like as there are different levels and of course they are pitched at different price levels too.

There are plenty of different rides, that means depending on what your family likes there are plenty of rides and attractions to keep them amused. We spent what seems a disproportionate amount of time being soaking wet after going on several of the water rides. Luckily for us, we'd gone on a sunny day and so we did dry off quite quickly, but do remember that if your family like water rides too then you should take a change of clothes or some change to use the family dryers, which are £2 and easily fit in a family of four.

I'm always really conscious when going to places aimed at children that I'm not going to fit in to the seats or be able to put the safety restraints around me. I didn't have any trouble at the park on any of the rides and the amount of walking that we did around the park means that I'm pretty sure that I lost some weight whilst walking round!

We had a lush time as a family, which you can read more about in my Family Fun at LEGOLAND Windsor post.

We were given access to the park, and some LEGO loot to pay for food or souvenirs.