I had an experience in the week that I wasn't sure if I should share, but decided in the end that it was worth it, so here it is along with the usual preamble that I seem to do!

Do you remember when I used to post about how hard it was to make friends? I had decided that making friends sucked and decided that my online friends were all I really needed. I've made some brilliant friends through blogging, and although we might not talk to each other for weeks on end, I know that we can easily pick up with each other when we do finally get our acts together and have a chat.

Best Friends


It's not the same is it? Don't get me wrong I'm eternally grateful for the online friends I have. I'm glad for the DM's they send me, the emails, the photographs they tag me in (even though I'm not in them but they just want me to see something), the chats we have over the internet or by text message or however else it is we communicate but sometimes what you need is a friend to sit down with.

And this week I did just that. I sat down with a friend, it wasn't an arranged conversation, we hadn't planned to meet up, it was just a quick five minute thing where I invaded her space and ended up talking with her for half an hour about everything under the sun.

I have my lovely Mum and Sister of course, and I do phone them up to have a moan, or to share good news and they do the same. I even phone my Mum up to catch me up with a TV Show, as someone called me just as it started.

I have my husband, who is my best friend, but he isn't always available to talk and I can't talk to him about some stuff, I mean he's my husband and a girl has to has some secrets right? Plus he has to work, and can't just stop doing what he's doing because his best friend and wife wants him.

So, I'm back to thinking about how to get a best friend. Someone who I share interests with, someone I can tell secrets too, someone who gets me as well as I get them... it's not too much to ask is it?